26 June, 2012

Last Time I Buy Impulsively

Usually when I purchase lingerie, I go by the same principles I do with regular clothing. If it looks cheap, I don’t want it. From personal experiences I’ve decided to avoid any lingerie set that costs less than $20 unless I really want to be disappointed. Regardless of this, I found myself wanting to try the Spandex Bandeau Bra and Panty set. I can’t exactly place why I decided I wanted to try it. I wish I had slept on it instead of impulsively buying it. I chose the Iris/Black set. This set comes in only one size fits most.

The set comes in the same paperboard box many of DreamGirl’s lower priced lingerie sets come in. The front shows the model wearing the set. On the back, you’ll see a rear view of the set on the model and a little bit of information on the set. This set is one size fits most and should fit anyone from 90 to 160 pounds. No material information or care instructions are listed on the box. The box isn’t really necessary for storage. It’s a bit bulky. I prefer to recycle my packaging.

Included in the packaging is a bandeau bra and panty. Both are made from a purple mesh that is very stretchy. They are lined with soft black lace that is stretchy, but not as much as the mesh. According to the tags on both pieces, these are made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. The tag lists care instructions as hand wash in cold water, do not bleach, and line dry.

Other than the lace trim, the only detailing to this set is the small black bow on the front of the panty. The construction of this set is okay. I located a few loose threads and bad seams. As long as the set is treated gently, it shouldn’t rip or fall apart.

The bandeau bra is pretty much just a tube of fabric trimmed with lace. The front is wider than the back. Each side under the armpits has a seam. The front measures 6 ½ inches wide and the back measures 3 ½ inches wide at its smallest. This measures 26 inches around unstretched and 40 inches around stretched to the maximum on the lace trim. The mesh will stretch to adjust to breast size and the lace acts as a band to hold the mesh onto your body. The front portion of the bandeau bra can stretch up to 11 inches wide. There are a few tags in the back. I found these tags itchy and will probably end up cutting them off.

The panty seems to be cut as a hipster style panty. It sits very low on the hips and offers some coverage in the back. There is a small cotton liner sewn into the crotch. There is one tag located in the back. The waist band measures 29 inches around and stretches to a maximum of 40 inches. The hips measure 30 inches around and can stretch up to 42 inches. Each leg opening measures 15 inches around and stretches up to 30 inches around. From the top lace band to the crotch, the panty measures 8 inches tall.

I am 5’8” tall and weigh about 140 pounds. I typically wear somewhere between sizes 5 and 8 in a dress, depending on the brand. I wear a 34B bra and size 5 (small) in panties. I am able to comfortably wear this set. It feels like there’s a lot more room around me. I think this should fit sizes small to large. Since the maximum the bra will stretch is 40 inches around, you’ll want to be probably 39 inches around or smaller above or below the bust to comfortably fit in the bra. Your hips should be 41 inches around or smaller to fit in the panty with some extra room. I think cup sizes A up to a smaller D should fit fine in this.

I don’t really care for this at all. When I see it on the model, it looks good. On me, it looks awful. The bandeau bra flattens my breasts down to non-existence. This is definitely not the greatest thing for my confidence. If you want the top to be flattering, you’ll want to have pretty perky breasts. Even though this looks bad on me, it’s comfortable. The lace doesn’t dig into my skin at all and the mesh feels soft against my skin.

I do like the mesh panty. It looks nice, fits comfortably, and doesn’t ride up or fall down. It also does not cause a muffin top. The panty should fit fine under most clothing. I think it is good enough for every day wear.

Unfortunately, I did not purchase this set just to enjoy half of it. I really should have known better than to purchase this. I bought it on sale for $11.24, down from the $14.99 regular price. I think the price tag on this, at least at regular price, is a bit high for what you get. This is basically just some mesh material with a bit of lace around it and nothing else.

I give the bandeau bra and panty set 2 out of 5 stars.



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