14 June, 2012

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I purchased these floral print thigh highs mainly to go with some floral print corsets I have. I find myself liking some of Leg Avenue’s stockings quite a bit and am interested to continue trying out the brand’s stockings. The colors available are black and white. I chose the black.

As with other Leg Avenue stockings, these come in a plastic-wrapped paperboard sleeve. The front and back show the same picture of a model wearing the stockings. On the back, size information is listed as weights 90 to 160 pounds. Material content is 100% nylon, exclusive of decorations. Care instructions are: hand wash warm water, color-safe bleach only if necessary, drip dry, and do not iron. These are made in Taiwan.

These stockings are exactly the same as some other Leg Avenue stockings I purchased. The top band is a floral print lace. It does not feature an elastic or silicone band to help these stay up. Because of this, the stockings will roll down unless you wear these with garters. Down the outside of each leg, there is a floral bow design with a rhinestone on it. This design feels like velvet. I’m not sure what it is exactly, though. The nylon material is very stretchy. Unfortunately it does not return to its original shape once the stockings have been removed. The lace band is somewhat stretchy. It measures 3 inches tall and can stretch to a maximum of 22 inches around. The top of the lace has a few loose strands hanging off of it however it doesn’t look really cheap. Both the lace and the nylon feel very soft against skin.

To put these on without causing any runs, I suggest bunching the stocking material together, sticking a foot in the stocking, and gently pulling the bunch up your leg. This will minimize the chance of runs from fingernails or toenails. The material does feel pretty delicate, so it should be handled with care. I do not have any runs in my stockings yet.

As far as sizing goes, I think Leg Avenue’s minimal size chart (weight 90 to 160 pounds) is accurate. These will fit up to a 22 inch thigh very comfortably. Any larger and the material may feel very binding on your thigh. My thigh measures 20 inches where these sit and the material does not dig in or create a muffin top. It’s actually very comfortable. I’m also 5’8” and weigh 140 pounds. I noticed that on me, the floral design is not sitting as high up my leg as it is on the model. The bottom of the design actually sits right inside of my shoe. On the model, it starts a few inches down from her knee and stops quite a bit before her high heels.

As I said before, these do not have anything to hold the band up. I am able to only walk a few steps before the band rolls down and causes the stockings to sag. I strongly recommend using garters to hold the stockings in place.

Since this material is 100% nylon, these do bag a bit. After wear, they remain pretty stretched out. While I have not noticed any difference in appearance yet, after a few wears these may start to appear baggy. An addition of spandex to this material would help keep these from looking baggy, as well as help the stockings provide some support for your legs.

I love matching these with all sorts of lingerie, especially some corsets I have from Coquette. I think they’d look good worn with a black party dress, too.

I would follow the care instructions I listed above for these. The material feels pretty delicate, especially the floral design. If the rhinestones should happen to fall off, I think some eyelash glue would put them back on pretty well. To store these, I suggest keeping them somewhere where they won’t snag on anything. The packaging is useless for storage, as it does not have sides.

Overall, these stockings are okay in my book. They are the same stocking as some cheaper ones I have tried by Leg Avenue. You’re pretty much paying a higher price for them to print a small design on them. I would have liked to see a better quality stocking used for these.

I’d like to give these stockings 3 ½ stars out of 5, due to the higher price for the same lower quality stocking, but I’ll settle with 3 out of 5 stars instead.

product picture
Stockings by Leg Avenue
Material: Lace / Nylon



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