12 June, 2012

Insert Sad Face Here

I love the look of fishnets. Unfortunately, I’m not the biggest fan of thigh-highs. They aren’t very practical outside of my bedroom. I’d like to be able to wear fishnets for Halloween or just in general when going out. I decided to give this pair of fishnet pantyhose with an attached boy short a try. I ordered the black version, however a red version is also available.

The pantyhose are packaged in a paperboard envelope. The front depicts a model wearing the pantyhose. On the back, there’s just the “size” of one size fits most. There is no specification as to height/weight as is common with pantyhose. There is also no information on the packaging in regards to material content or care. On the pantyhose themselves, there is only one small tag that states these are size XL. Seven ‘til Midnight’s website states that the pantyhose are made up of a blend of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. Again, there is no care information provided. I will get into care information later in my review.

The material used to make these is very soft feeling. The lace-like boy short looks like it would feel very itchy, but it isn’t. Looking closely at the material, I can see it is not a high-quality lace. There are loose threads hanging off all over the place, especially at the top band. The fishnet portion of the pantyhose is sewn onto the boy short very well, so there shouldn’t be any worry of the two parts separating after repeated wear. Inside of the boy short, there is a very small, diamond-shaped panty liner made out of a thin fabric that feels like cotton. There is a seam in the boy short running down the front and up the back, rather than being off to the side. I feel the seam placement is terrible as it makes the boy short uncomfortable to wear. Since the boy short is not nearly as stretchy as the fishnet, it will also give you a horrid looking camel toe. Along the top band of the boy short is an elastic band.

The fishnet material is very soft and stretchy. It looks and feels like every other fishnet I have worn. The toe is not reinforced, but the netting is small enough that toes won’t poke through. Stretching the toe area as much as I possibly can, I can’t even fit the tip of my pinky finger through the netting. The fishnet does have a backseam on it. This can get a bit uncomfortable underneath your foot and can be a pain to line up straight down both legs.

Waistband (unstretched): 24 inches
Waistband (stretched): 38 inches
Length from waistband to crotch: 5 ½ inches
Leg opening (unstretched): 10 inches around
Leg opening (stretched): 24 inches around
Total length (unstretched): 32 inches
Total length (stretched): Longer than my arms can span. I can stretch them as far as I can reach and the material still has some stretch to it. My arm span is in the realm of 65 inches.

Size Chart (OSFM):
Dress size: 2 – 14
Hip: 34 – 40

While the size chart is meant mainly for lingerie sizing, I think it can also be applied to these pantyhose. The boy short sits right on your hips, making it the most important measurement when deciding if these will fit you. I am able to stretch these to a maximum of 38 inches around at the waistband. Leaving a couple of inches for movement and stretch for comfort would put you at a maximum of 36 inches at the hips to fit these. I measure 35 inches around where these sit. The elastic in the waistband digs tightly into my skin, which is painful and gives me a muffin top. The fishnet portion fits very comfortably on me. It stretches very well to give me enough length and doesn’t feel constricting on my legs. I think the fishnet portion of these will fit up to size 14, unfortunately with the too-small boy short this cannot happen.

These are definitely a tight fit on me. When I wear these, it feels like I’m wearing underwear that are a size too small. The seam through the crotch also makes these look extremely unsexy on me. I suggest skipping these if you wear more than a size 4 (extra small) in panties. Some size 5’s (small) may fit. I am size 5 and find these too tight.

If you’re still interested in the concept of these, I think a good seamstress may be able to create their own pair using just regular, cheap fishnets and a good pair of boy shorts. The fishnets are sewn into the leg holes about half an inch in. Each leg hole has also been reinforced with elastic to help the fishnet maintain shape.

To put the pantyhose on, I suggest bunching each leg up and slowly stepping your foot into one leg of fishnet at a time. Slowly pull the bunch up your leg until you reach the top. This will help keep you from causing rips in the fishnet. I have not noticed any rips in mine yet. The material feels sturdy, but it is better to be a little safe when putting on pantyhose of any kind. Once you have these settled on you comfortably, you can adjust each leg until the backseam is even on the back of your legs.

When taken off, these pantyhose return to their original shape. The fishnets don’t bag on me at all. Some areas, like on my thighs, have larger holes in the netting due to stretch than other areas, like my ankles.

To care for these, I would wash them in a sink with some warm water and a gentle detergent. They should be hung up to drip dry. I do not trust the boy short material in a washer or dryer. It looks like it may start falling apart if not handled gently enough. I store mine in the original packaging. It makes it much easier when sorting through pantyhose and thigh highs to find what you want that way.

I first ordered these quite a long time back. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered another pair, not realizing that I had ordered something I already had. I realized this when I was cleaning out my chest of lingerie and such at the foot of my bed.

I tried the first pair on and immediately wanted to take them off. My fiancĂ© said the fishnet looked sexy but that the boy short looked uncomfortable and not so great. So of course, I was upset when I received the second pair, because I now have two pairs of fishnets I don’t particularly care for.

The first time I tried them on I didn’t wear any panties underneath. I decided that I’d see how they felt with another pair of panties on and I found them much more comfortable. The added layer of panties underneath almost completely gets rid of the camel toe and the discomfort associated with it. Unfortunately, panties under panties looks kind of stupid.

I briefly considered returning the second pair, but it was my own fault for not making sure I didn’t have these. I also am still in the process of losing a bit of weight, so eventually these should fit slightly more comfortably.

I am also terribly confused by the “XL” tag sewn into the boy short. There is no way the boy short is size XL, unless they mean XL in little girl’s sizes.

While the price on these is great, I suggest avoiding them. You can find a good quality pair of fishnets cheaper than $12.99 that can be paired up with your favorite pair of panties. The only thing I like about these is the super soft, stretchy, and comfortable fishnet material.

I give these fishnets 2 out of 5 stars. The concept is great. The execution? Not so much.

product picture
Pantyhose by Seven 'til Midnight
Material: Nylon / Spandex



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