04 June, 2012

I'm Candy Flavored!

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I like massages, however I don’t always like the oily feeling massage oil leaves on my skin. I usually have my fiancĂ© use a massage cream when I don’t have any time to clean myself up a bit afterwards. For the most part, the massage creams I’ve tried have been just a scented lotion that absorbs into skin. In December 2011, I received the Shunga Massage Cream in raspberry flavor as a gift from my Secret Santa on EdenFantasys. This is also available in mint, cherry, and vanilla flavors.

The massage cream comes in a small paperboard box. The outside of the box is decorated with Japanese-style artwork. The back lists a short description of the product in a few languages and the bottom lists the ingredients. This product is made in Canada.

Water, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Safflower Oil, Sucralose, Cethyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate & Peg 100 Stearate, Petroleum, Flavor (Aroma), Xanthan gum, Honey, DMDM Hydantoine, Methylparaben, Vitamin E Acetate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, FD&C blue #1 (CI 42090), FD&C red #4 (CI 14700), D&C red #33 (CI 17200).

This product contains glycerin, sugar, and Methylparaben. It does not contain artificial sweeteners. Those with sensitivities to glycerin and parabens may wish to look for another product. If you are only allowed a limited intake of sugar, I would also be a bit wary since sugar (sucralose) is one of the biggest ingredients in this product. Since this contains both glycerin and sugar, I would make sure to avoid using this around the vaginal opening. Both ingredients are known to cause yeast infections if used there.

Inside of the box is a black plastic jar with the same artwork wrapped round it. The jar contains 7 ounces of massage cream. Even though this is edible, there is no expiration date listed. Also inside of the box is a folded up sheet of paper discussing the history of Shunga. It shows other products available from Shunga, most of which are available on EdenFantasys.

I think the jar looks pretty discreet. Its nice looking and it doesn’t say sex all over it or anything. It does not have a safety seal underneath the lid, which I would have liked to see. There is a plastic insert that keeps the cream from getting all over the lid and making a mess when the jar is opened.

The consistency of this cream is great for massages. It’s thicker than lotion, yet at the same time easy to scoop out and massage into skin. Just a little bit of this seems to go a long way because of the oil in it. This feels much lighter on skin than massage oil, though it does still feel a bit heavy. Once this is massaged in, it will begin to absorb into skin, so you may need to reapply. I’ve noticed that this cream typically takes less than an hour to absorb fully, however once it does, skin does not feel heavy. The fragrance and flavor gradually dissipate.

Once you’ve opened the jar, the massage cream’s scent will hit you kind of hard. I received the raspberry flavor, which has a sweet, candy-like raspberry scent to it. I can easily smell it within 5 feet of the jar. On skin, it has a weaker scent. It can’t be smelled very strongly at all. I think someone standing right next to you could smell it, but someone further away probably wouldn’t. While we both like the scent, I don’t see my fiancĂ© wanting to be slathered in a delicious candy scent any time soon.

The flavor is mainly very sweet with a slight hint of raspberry flavoring to it. The flavor hangs around in my mouth for a while after ingesting it; however it does not have a foul aftertaste or anything. I like the flavor, but as with anything sweet, I get sick of it fairly quickly. I’d prefer a more natural flavor that is not dependent on sugar. I’ve had some vanilla bean white chocolate before that would make an amazing flavor for a massage cream.

As a massage cream, I like this for the most part. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling all yucky for a long time. I don’t care for this as a straight-up lotion. It doesn’t do very much at all for my skin, other than coat it in sugar. I’d much prefer something natural that is infused with vitamins. I also have concerns with the sugar causing an acne breakout on my skin. It hasn’t yet, however I can see that happening very quickly.

Cleaning this up is pretty simple. Just soap and warm water will get it off of hands or a quick shower will get it off of your body. I did not notice any issues with this cream staining my bedding or clothing, however since one of the main ingredients is oil, it may leave oil stains. If you happen to get an oil stain on clothing or bedding, dabbing some Dawn dish soap on the fabric before throwing it in the washer should get the oil out.

Since the jar is cute, I like to leave it sitting out on my night table. It’s discreet looking from afar, however someone looking up close will be able to see it’s a massage cream. I think this product would make a good gift, since it’s not an outright sexual body product. As far as the box goes, I’d just recycle it and the paper insert.

I give Shunga’s massage cream 4 out of 5 stars.

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