12 June, 2012

I Wear My Heart On My Wrist

While we have a couple of pairs of wrist restraints, neither is particularly cute or functional. When I was looking at restraints, the PinkHeart restraints by Spartacus stood out to me. I liked the cuteness of them, the faux-fur lining, and the included D-ring on each restraint. When they went on sale, I decided ordered them.

The restraints come packaged in a small clear plastic box. There is a paper liner in the box with a picture of a model wearing the restraints on the front and small description of the restraints on the back. The back of the packaging states that these: are made of real leather, have a faux-fur lining, adjust from 5” to 8”, feature D-ring hardware, and have a Velcro closure. This product is made in China.

Each cuff is made of bright pink leather lined with white faux-fur. Each cuff measures 10 inches long by 2 inches wide. At one end of the leather, there is the sticky section of Velcro. On the fur side is the opposite side of the Velcro. Each Velcro patch measures 2 x 2 inches. Also on the leather side of the cuff, there is a white leather heart attached to the pink leather with metal grommets. This heart holds the D-ring onto the cuff.  All of the stitching on the cuff is done in white thread. I think the cuffs are very well constructed and are made of high quality materials.

These are made of a very thick piece of leather, however they are still flexible. The faux-fur lining keeps these restraints from roughly rubbing against skin for the most part. When worn, the leather can occasionally bite lightly into skin, but only if you are struggling against the restraints. Since the fur will warm up against your skin, you may have issues with sweating underneath the cuffs, which can make the fur look dirty or matted.

The Velcro closures on each cuff hold up very well against struggling or just movement in general. I can pull on the cuff pretty hard and the Velcro doesn’t budge. These cuffs are supposed to fit wrists 5” to 8” around. I played with these a bit to test the Velcro’s strength with the cuffs at 5 inches and 8 inches around and found this statement to be true. I was actually able to get these up to almost 9 inches around while still remaining strong. My wrists measure 6 inches around and the cuffs fit comfortably. The Velcro is a bit off center from each strip being placed perfectly over the other, but that’s fine with me. The cuffs are not big enough to fit my ankles.

I mainly purchased these restraints to wear for their appearance. We currently do not have any rope or anything to use these restraints with. Even if we did, I don’t think I’d ever get my fiancĂ© to wear pink wrist restraints. I like this color, though I would also like to see other colors available.

Caring for leather can be a bit difficult. Unlike most materials, this cannot be scrubbed clean. If the leather side of each cuff gets dirty, the leather should be gently wiped clean with a soft, damp towel. The faux-fur side can also be wiped down in this manner. Your skin will leave oil on the fur that will attract dirt and grime, which will cause the fur to look matted and dirty. If a gentle wipe down doesn’t help, I found a few other methods to clean faux-fur without ruining the fur or the leather on the other side. Place the cuffs in a lidded container of cornmeal and shake the container a few times. Leave the cuffs sitting for several hours or overnight. Remove the cuffs from the cornmeal and shake any excess cornmeal out, then wipe the cuffs with a dry towel. Cornmeal will absorb oil and the dirt attached to it without getting any moisture on the cuffs. You can also try using a baby wipe to gently wash the fur lining.

Leather needs additional care other than simply being cleaned. It should also be conditioned every 6 to 9 months, regardless of how often it is worn. Unconditioned leather can become stiff, cracked, or dry feeling. If conditioned regularly, leather can last a very long time. Leather conditioners can be found online or at some stores. Some retailers keep leather conditioner with other shoe care products. I recommend finding a conditioner that does not contain wax or silicone, since those can harm the leather even more. Follow the instructions on the back of the conditioner package.

As far as the metal D-ring goes, it does not seem to be made of a high-quality metal. I’ve only worn mine a couple of times and have not gotten the restraints wet or anything, yet the D-ring looks a bit scratched and tarnished. Mine are barely shiny at all, compared to an ultra-shiny looking D-ring in the product photo. It can be removed with some pliers and replaced with a stainless steel D-ring if it becomes heavily tarnished. I think the ring could possibly be cleaned with jewelry cleaner, though I have not tried it.

Once these restraints are clean, I recommend storing them away from sunlight and moisture. I keep mine in the original box, too, since it’s small and it keeps the dust off of these.

I definitely like these cuffs. The price tag on them is $23.99, which seems very reasonable for the quality. The fur lining is super soft and doesn’t shed at all. Each cuff is built very well and fits comfortably. The only thing I don’t like is how my ring looks just a bit tarnished after having barely worn these at all.

I give the Pink Heart wrist restraints 5 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Wrist cuffs by Spartacus
Material: Leather



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