14 June, 2012

I Less Than Three These Booty Shorts

When I purchase underwear, I’m not always looking for something mega sexy. Sometimes I just want a simple, comfy panty that I can wear with anything. I purchased these Lycra booty shorts to wear both as just plain ol’ underwear and to wear with lingerie that came with thongs. I ordered the black pair from EdenFantasys in the OSFM size. These are also available in red, pink, and white. All colors come in OSFM and size XL.

These shorts come packaged in a small cellophane bag. The bag is plain aside from an inventory sticker in one corner. The shorts come with a Coquette tag attached to them. This tag also has a sticker on it, which I was unable to remove to see if there was any useful information underneath it. As it is, only washing instructions are visible. These should be hand washed, drip dried, and can’t be bleached or ironed. The tag inside the booty short says these are made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

These booty shorts are very simple. They are cut how boy shorts usually are. At the waistband, there is an elastic band. Up the front and back of the booty short is the seam. Inside the crotch, there is a diamond-shaped cotton panty liner. These are made mainly out of Lycra material, which is soft and kind of slippery against skin. It’s almost like a textured satin material. These do not have any embellishments, trim, or anything on them at all. There really isn’t much to say about the design of these shorts. They’re somewhat plain, but I find that aspect to be perfect sometimes. These are very well constructed without any uneven stitching or loose threads.

Size Chart (One Size Fits Most):
Dress size: 4 – 14
Hip: 36 – 42 inches

Waistband (unstretched): 24 inches around
Waistband (stretched): 40 inches
Length (from waistband to crotch): 7 inches
Length (stretched): 11 ½ inches
Hip (unstretched): 31 inches
Hip (stretched): 40 inches
Leg opening (unstretched): 20 inches
Leg opening (stretched): 32 inches
Length of panty liner: 5 inches

My Measurements:
Dress size: 5 – 8
Hip: 35 inches

These booty shorts fit me very comfortably. I have lots of wiggle room in them due to super stretchy material. I absolutely love that. These sit very low on my hips, which is great for my low-rise jeans. Even though the seam goes up through the crotch, these do not give me a camel toe or make me feel uncomfortable. The only thing I don’t like about these comfort-wise is the itchy tag in the back. That can easily be removed, though. I think the size chart is not really accurate at all. I’m smaller than the size chart for these, yet these fit very well. I’d change the chart so that it fits hips 32 to 40 inches. I can’t get these to stretch up to 42 inches, so I don’t really see how they’d fit up to a 42 inch hip. The size XL starts at 42 inches, so those should fit those with 40 to 42 inch hips as well if they don’t fit the size chart well like this pair.

I like the idea of using these booty shorts with some of Coquette’s corsets. Some of their corsets are satin and have a bit of shine to them, which works well with the shine of these. These also won’t take away from the beauty of the corset.

My only concern with wearing these as every day underwear is the slippery material. Like microfiber, these will cause pants to slip down a lot. I am not a fan of having to constantly yank up my pants. I think they’d work fine under a skirt, though.

To care for these, I’d just throw them in my washing machine. We have a high efficiency front loader that does not have an agitator, which runs very gentle loads. If your washing machine is a top loader and has an agitator you’ll want to run it on a very gentle cycle. I think these should also be fine in the dryer on very low heat.

I’m absolutely in love with these panties. I plan on buying every shade available. While they don’t look like much, they are extremely comfortable. They’re stretchy, breathe well, and cover my butt with super soft feeling material. The simple design is easy to match with a variety of lingerie tops. These are definitely a great replacement for the cheap thongs most lingerie tops come with!

I give the Lycra booty shorts 5 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Shorts by Coquette
Material: Nylon / Spandex



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