01 June, 2012

Do I Look Like the Kind of Person Who Would Do That?

Occasionally we have friends over for a few drinks. Typically it just ends up with everyone watching TV or something, which gets boring pretty quickly. I love the idea of embarrassing games involving drinking, so I decided quite a long time ago to purchase I’ve Never. The first night we used it, about a year or so ago, was pretty embarrassing for some of us, namely my fiancĂ©, and we still talk about some of the weird goings-on now.

I’ve Never comes in the typical cardboard board game packaging. The box measures 9 ¼ x 9 ¼ x 2 inches, which is a bit smaller than most board games. The packaging is all black with illustrations of people playing the game on the front. The back shows the game board and a few examples of questions. The packaging for this game states that this is for adults only, ages 21 and up, due to adult content  and because the game requires shots of alcohol. The game will work without alcohol, too, if you wanted to replace the alcohol with water or juice or just not drink at all. Unfortunately, it’s much more embarrassing for a sober player than one who is really drunk.

Opening the box, you’ll find the game board, which is folded up, a stack of cards 8 playing pieces, and one die. Also included is an instruction sheet and FAQ. The sheet covers the directions pretty thoroughly, however the concept of the game is very easy to grasp without it.

To play the game, each player picks a playing piece and sets their piece at the start. The youngest player goes first, rolling the die and moving forward however many spaces the die indicates. The player to the right goes next.  When players land on the spaces marked “Draw An I’ve Never Card,” players draw from the deck and read the statement on the card aloud. They then follow the directions on the card depending on whether that statement is true or false. Players may lie if they don’t want to admit to the statement on the card, however they can also be caught at it. If two or more players agree the person is lying, they can punish the liar however they choose, including things like finishing their drink, moving back so many spaces, or doing something embarrassing. Whoever makes it to the finish space first wins the game.

The cards are the same size as regular playing cards. They aren’t made of the same material, unfortunately. These are a bit more flimsy and are easy to bend. We spilled drinks on a couple and were able to wipe them dry without any damage, however these are not laminated so they may end up getting messed up if wet. There are 100 I’ve Never cards included in this game, ten of which are blank cards that you can fill in your own question and what the player does if true or false. There is also an included card that gives you 25% off any single item on www.ivenevergame.com with a promo code. This is the same as the rest of the playing cards and is packaged in with them.

Our kitten occasionally enjoys playing this with us.

Each playing piece is just a little plastic token. There are 8 different colors, making this playable with 8 people. I suppose if you wanted to add more people, you could use other items as playing pieces. The die is a typical board game die. It measures ½ an inch on all sides.

The questions on the cards vary from tame ones to gross or mega embarrassing ones. None of them are outright filthy or ask about specific sexual actions or anything. Here are some examples:

  • I’ve never watched porn or downloaded porn on a computer?
  • I’ve never called a 900 number for phone sex?
  • I’ve never picked my nose in the car?
  • I’ve never dated someone who was at least 10 years older?
  • I’ve never faked the size of my private parts?
  • I’ve never done a funnel or beer-bong?

Like I said, there are also 10 blank cards included, so you can make dirtier questions or things people have to do if they respond “not true” to a question. If the cards start getting a bit boring, you can also order more off of www.ivenevergame.com.

For us, the first time playing this game was a bit confusing because of how this game is worded. Responding “not true” to the questions means you have actually done the action. Responding true means you have never done the action.

When we decided to play this, we invited another couple over for some drinks at our new apartment. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the local store carrying liquor and beer closed really early, so we ended up all drinking vodka mixed in weird stuff like juice boxes and some really nasty beer. Once we’d all had a drink or two and had some ready for the game, we all sat around the table and set up the board. At first it was a bit awkward playing the game, because we were still all pretty sober and were getting sex-related questions. As the game went on and everyone drank more, the game got pretty crazy. When people got caught in a lie or if the card specified us to make up our own punishment, we came up with some pretty weird stuff. My fiancĂ© had to end every sentence with “I like wearing pink leather.” This game is honestly a pretty good adult version of truth or dare.

I think this game is great for any kind of setting. It’s fun to play with one or two friends or with a whole bunch of people at a party. I plan on bringing it for our combination bachelor/bachelorette party. How it goes really depends on how comfortable everyone is with the topics presented on the cards.  I can see people not enjoying a lot of these questions, since they can be kind of personal and not everyone is comfortable talking about how many vibrators they own or how many people they’ve had sex with.

I really like this game and I wish I could play it more often. It’s not really fun to play with just one other person and most of our friends have been really busy lately. I think this is a pretty high quality game. None of the pieces feel cheap. This is also pretty easy to get into playing since there aren’t very many rules. I give this game 5 out of 5 stars.

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Adult game by INI LLC



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