03 June, 2012

Amazing Everything-less Panties

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When I first saw the ruffled boy shorts by DreamGirl, I thought they looked pretty cute on the front, though I didn’t really care for the way the back looked. I’m not really a fan of crotchless panties, but I decided to order them anyways to go with some red lingerie. I ordered the red boy shorts in size medium. These boy shorts are also available in black, white, and pale pink.

I’ve had these panties for quite a while now and apparently have lost the tag. I’m going to assume it is the same style tag as all of DreamGirl’s other lingerie, which really only lists the size and color of the piece. A small sewn-in tag lists the material content as 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Care instructions are indicated by icons. I had to look up what all the icons mean so I could actually interpret them. It’s almost like interpreting ancient Egyptian. Instructions: hand wash in cool water, do not bleach, and line dry. Since these are made entirely out of a delicate looking mesh material, I agree with the care instructions.

The design of these panties is pretty simple. The whole panty is made of a floral printed red mesh material. Unlike most meshes, this fabric is made with larger holes, so it kind of looks like lace. The waistband is very thin and has a small trim on top of it to kind of hide it. The front panel is plain. On the back there is a big red satin bow and 4 layers of 2 inch wide red lace strips cascading over each other. The crotch is cut out as a large slit with each side of the slit being reinforced. Each leg hole is lined with an elastic band. Compared to the few other crotchless panties I have by Coquette, this crotchless panty seems closer to an everything-less panty. The slit in the front starts about where a panty liner would start and ends pretty far up the back. Five inches of the front and four of the back are left fully intact. The panels on each side of the slit measure between 1 ¼ inches and 2 ½ inches, with the panels widening towards the back.

These panties fit very comfortably. The mesh is stretchy and feels very soft against skin. The lace is a bit more scratchy feeling, but since it’s sewn on over a layer of mesh, it can’t be felt on skin. The elastic band does not fit tightly on skin or dig in. It sits comfortably on my hips and does not dig into my skin. When I wear these, the slit begins right at my labia and ends near the top of my butt crack in the back. I’ve noticed with some crotchless panties, the panels off to the side creating the slit can feel uncomfortable or can lie awkwardly. These don’t move around or feel weird against me at all. My only real con with these is that they cannot be worn underneath pants. The lace in the back would create bulges in the back of pants.

Waist (unstretched): 28 inches around
Waist (stretched): 38 inches
Front (from top band to where slit begins): 4 ¼ inches
Back: 5 inches
Leg hole (unstretched): 20 inches
Leg hole (stretched): 30 inches
Slit (unstretched): 12 inches
Slit (stretched): 14 inches

Size Chart (size medium):
Waist: 26-28 inches
Hips: 36-38 inches

I ordered these panties when my hips measured 37 ½ inches and they fit comfortably then. My hips now measure 35 inches and they still fit me comfortably without falling down or anything. I think the size chart is accurate and I love how DreamGirl offers these panties in sizes small up to 3x/4x. I don’t currently have any size medium boy shorts around to compare these to, but they are maybe an inch or so larger than size small boy shorts.

Overall, these panties take the cake as the best crotchless panty I have tried thus far. These are mega comfortable and don’t sit too low on me. I like how the crotchless portion’s panels sit comfortably on me, rather than feeling awkward against my skin. I hate crotchless panties that I have to adjust constantly to keep them from feeling weird. The slit in these panties is long enough to allow for anal sex through them, not just vaginal sex. I will definitely be buying these in other colors!

I give DreamGirl’s ruffled boy short 5 out of 5 stars.

Want to order these boy shorts? Click the link below to add them to your cart!

product picture
Crotchless panty by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester / Spandex



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