26 June, 2012

Almost Perfect

After trying all sorts of pantyhose and stockings, I found I definitely prefer pantyhose with an attached boy short. I recently reviewed a cheeky boy short with attached diamond net stockings by DreamGirl. I found I really liked the boy short, yet I hated the itchy feel of the diamond net. Since I liked at least part of the set, I decided to try something similar by DreamGirl, which is the back seam pantyhose with an attached boy short.

These come in a small paperboard envelope. The front depicts a model wearing the pantyhose and states these are one size fits most. The back is somewhat informative. These should fit anyone weighing between 90 and 160 pounds. The material content is 90% nylon, 10% spandex. Care instructions are: hand wash in cool water, do not bleach, and line dry. These pantyhose are made in Taiwan.

Right out of the packaging, these do not look like much. Both the stocking legs and the boy short top look tiny.

The boy short is made of a floral print lace. It’s not the softest feeling material, but it isn’t itchy. Some liquid fabric softener should help fix that. The boy short does not have an elastic band around the waist. There is a seam running up the middle of the front, down through the crotch, and up the back. Unlike some other pairs of similar pantyhose, this one has a liner. Unfortunately, they decided to make the liner white instead of black. It can be seen through the boy short fabric very easily. To me, it looks like there is a panty liner or pad stuck in there. The liner does not feel or look like it is made out of cotton, but it is very soft. Each leg opening has an elastic band around it. The overall quality of the boy short seems pretty good with no frays or loose threads hanging off. Each stocking feels like it has been sewn to the boy short very well.

The stockings themselves seem to be a little rougher feeling than most sheer pantyhose. The material looks a little bit different, too. Each leg has a back seam running almost from the toe all the way up to the boy short. The toes are reinforced. When this material is stretched, it does not return to its original shape. Stretching them in my hands, the material does not stretch as much as normal pantyhose. Releasing it causes it to have a baggy, stretched out appearance.

To put these on, I bunch them up towards the foot and pull the bunch up towards the leg holes in the boy short. I then slip my foot in through there and do the same on the other foot. Once I’ve gotten them gently pulled up as much as I can, I slowly gather the material and pull it upward. I noticed these pantyhose were a VERY tight fit, lengthwise. I had to adjust and pull material up until it felt like the material couldn’t possibly stretch anymore.

Once I got these on, the first thing I really noticed was how tight they feel. They’re very tight on my legs, however the boy short fits a bit baggy at the waist band. I like the tightness in the legs, though, since it slims my legs down a bit. I noticed a couple of small spots where the stockings are messed up, however they aren’t very noticeable unless I am looking for them. I think the boy short would have benefitted from an elastic band. I don’t like having to pull it up constantly. Other than the baggy waistband, the boy short is comfortable and fits well. The seam through the crotch does not cause a camel toe.

I think the weight suggestion for these is a bit off, considering how tight the legs are. I don’t care for weight suggestions only for pantyhose at all. I prefer a grid matching weight and height to determine your size. I looked up the size grid used on L’eggs brand pantyhose and find this should be an accurate model to apply to these stockings. I would say these pantyhose won’t fit anyone who is both taller and heavier than me. I’m 5’8” and weigh about 140 pounds.  Comparing these to the L’eggs brand size grid, I think they’ll fit both sizes A and B up to 5’9” tall. Anyone taller than 5’9” probably will not fit in these at all. I’d probably place the max weight for 5’9” tall at 150 pounds. As a consumer, I would really prefer it if all of these stocking and pantyhose manufacturers would use this kind of model since it makes it so much easier to determine size. Unfortunately, it seems only a select few will do it.

Please note I used this image from http://www.leggs.com.

Other than size, waist band, and the lack of sizing information, I really don’t have any complaints. The reinforced toe works well for me, especially considering how tight these fit against my toes. I seem to go through socks very quickly due to holes in the toes. These look nice underneath any lingerie or dresses. While I haven’t gone anywhere requiring me to dress nicely, I would wear these underneath a dress.

As far as care goes, I’d mostly follow the instructions on the packaging. Pantyhose tend to be pretty delicate and should be washed in cool water with a gentle detergent. I wouldn’t line dry them in case of sun fade, though. I would prefer to hang them up to dry on a rack inside or on the towel bar in the bathroom. I also suggest using a bit of fabric softener when washing these to help soften up the slightly rough material.

I store my pantyhose in their original packaging. I have at least 20 pairs of stockings and pantyhose hanging around. It gets difficult to determine which ones are which without the packaging. This also keeps them from snagging on whatever else they are stored with.

While my experience with these was much better than with the diamond net version, I’m not fully satisfied. I think the quality is good for the price, however I would have liked to see an elastic or silicone waist band in the top. The boy short is a bit baggy and falls down a bit if I bend over or walk around.

I give these a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Interested in purchasing the sheer back seam pantyhose with boy short top? Click the link below!

product picture
Pantyhose by DreamGirl
Material: Nylon / Spandex



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