10 May, 2012

Definitely Not My Favorite

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

As a non-thong wearer in a world of mainly thongs, as far as "sexy" panties go anyway, I was thrilled when EdenFantasys began carrying Seven 'til Midnight's hipsters. There was a few different packs of hipsters to choose from and I decided to try out the Love and Sexy set first. Since these panties are one size fits most, I wasn't really all too sure if they'd fit or not. Panties never seem to work well when they're OSFM.

The hipsters come packaged in a small resealable plastic bag with a paper insert. This insert shows the same image as the product page on EdenFantasys. It states these are One Size. Washing instructions state to hand wash and drip dry. Each panty has a rather long tag on it that shows material information, which is 90% nylon and 10% spandex. I personally hate tags in panties, especially ones that measure 3 inches long like these ones, so I cut them out.

Each panty is the same size and cut. This set includes one pink pair with red trim that says "Sexy" on the back with a little graphic of a lipstick print. The other pair is black with pink trim and says "Love" on the back. The o is a little heart. The product image on EdenFantasys shows them exactly as they are, with the exception of the back detailing. The manufacturer actually photoshopped the words on the backs of the panties to have big glitter-like patches on them. In reality, the Sexy pair has some glitter on it and the Love pair does not. The front of each panty has a bow matching the trim color.

These panties are made of mesh, however the packaging does not specify material content. Mesh is a very see-through fabric. The more it stretches, the more see-through it will become. This material is very easy to stretch, which makes it comfortable to wear. I noticed that a lot of stretching causes the fabric to not fully return to its original shape. In my measurements section, I used the pair I had not yet worn. After stretching it to figure out how much it could stretch, it returned to within an inch or two of the original, unstretched measurement. A lack of returning to the original shape may lead to baggage or a poor fit.


Top band (unstretched): 26 inches around
Top band (stretched to the max): 40 inches around
Length (from top of band to bottom): 7 1/2 inches
Length (stretched): 12 inches
Leg opening (unstretched): 18 inches around
Leg opening (stretched): 30 inches around

My Measurements:

As far as my measurements and panty size go, I'm on the smaller end of the scale. My hips measure approximately 35 inches around where these panties sit. I typically wear a size 5 or small panty. I have an average-sized butt for my body size.

Size Comparison:

To give you an idea of the size of these, I decided to compare them to a size 6 (medium) panty from Victoria's Secret. When paired up against them, these hipsters are approximately the same size as far as the top band goes. They are a bit shorter than the VS pair and do not cover nearly as much butt.

Now that you have some sizing information, I'd like to cover how these fit on me. Since they pair well with size medium panties, they fit me a bit loosely. The top trim is not made with elastic, so a baggy fit means these will be sliding down a lot. It's a really good thing that the leg holes stretch so much since the holes ended up going up over my butt as well. These panties do not cover my butt much more than a generously backed thong. The lining also causes my butt to kind of be divided up a bit, so be prepared for a panty line. I'm also pretty athletic and have a muscular butt. I feel the rise worked just fine for me. These went up high enough to cover the top of my butt and still provided good coverage in the front. I do feel the panty liner is a bit misplaced, though. It starts a bit too far towards the butt to actually work well as a panty liner.

To care for these panties, I would follow the packaging instructions. The graphics and bow on each panty may not last very long if these go through the washer. I think the panties themselves are sturdy enough feeling to make it through the washer, though. I don't think the packaging is great for storage. It can either be recycled or used to store other small items. I prefer to just throw these in my underwear drawer.

So, what's my overall opinion of these? They're not the greatest. The fact that they dig in to my butt makes them uncomfortable. I don't care for the fact that they don't have an elastic band. I hate having to pull my underwear up constantly. I was looking for a good pair of panties to wear with lingerie that either does not come with underwear or comes with a thong, and unfortunately I did not find that in these. I have not been able to really stand wearing these for more than 10 minutes at a time.

I feel that whoever designed these panties did not have a good idea of what a hipster style panty is and how women like to wear panties. Yes, these sit low like hipsters (at the hips), but they don't offer any coverage at all in the back. I usually go for hipsters when I purchase underwear, and this is a first for me. Even the cheap mesh hipsters at Wal-mart offer better coverage. The panty liner is not placed too well, which I've read is a common issue with this manufacturer's panties. While it is sewn in well, it's placed to offer more coverage towards the rear and not enough in the front.

Sure, these are super cute and cheap, but I don't think they're really worth the trouble.

I give this hipster panty set by Seven 'Till Midnight 3 stars.

Interested in purchasing these panties? Simply click the link below!

product picture
Sexy panty by Seven 'til Midnight
Material: Nylon / Spandex



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