01 January, 2012

Tickle Tickle...

It seems like lately I have tried out a lot of different whips, paddles, and crops. However, I had yet to try out a tickling feather. My fiancĂ© is extremely ticklish and I will take any chance I get to tickle him. He likes it, and it’s so fun to make him giggle like crazy.

I decided I’d give the PleasureFeather on EdenFantasys a try. The Pleasure Feather, by Sportsheets, is pretty affordable at $6.99, and comes in three shades, black, red, and a cute hot pink. I chose the hot pink.

The Pleasure Feather arrived wrapped in either plastic or pink tissue paper, but I am not fully sure which one. I just know it was wrapped in something to keep it clean. None of my feathers were bent or broken upon arrival. It was laid out pretty flat along the bottom of the box to keep the feathers in good shape.

It features a nice, full spray of feathers attached to a black nylon cord by a black plastic holder. The feathers are glued into the holder with hot glue, which can be seen if you look up close. There’s only one small glob of glue hanging out of the holder and onto the feathers on mine. The length of the feathers can vary from Pleasure Feather to Pleasure Feather, but mine measure from 3 inches in length outside of the holder to 9 inches. The nylon cord can double as a wrist strap and measures 10 inches around. It’s pretty easy for me to slip over my hand and still have enough cord and room to grip the holder. It can also be hung up by the cord.

Attached to the cord is a cardboard tag. It has Sportsheets written on it above a picture of a couple. On the inside of the tag, Sportsheets has provided some hints for use of the tickler:
- It can be used to play as a naughty housekeeper.
- It can be used to “draw” shapes or words on your partner’s back. You can then have them guess what you drew or wrote.
- It can be used to stroke your partner’s most sensitive areas of their body.

The back of the tag states this is made in the USA. There isn’t any care instructions listed, or any indication of the kind of feathers used or their dye process.

The feathers in the rose Pleasure Feather are three colors: hot pink, deep pink, and a pink so deep it’s almost black. At the base of the feather group, the feathers are all very hot pink and fluffy looking. As they get towards the tip, they deepen in color to the dark pink and get much more slick and shiny looking. As I said before, none of my feathers are broken or bent, and none have fallen out yet. Each feather is super soft. They don’t feel cheap and don’t have any sharp, poky edges. Running this over skin, you will feel nothing but soft, gentle feathers.

Feather ticklers can be used to tickle and tease a partner during foreplay. They can also be used to apply edible body powders like ShungaSweet Snow. Partners can be teased in erogenous zones like the thighs, breasts, and neck. The Pleasure Feather can be paired up with a light set of wrist restraints and a blindfold for some very light bondage play. When we used this, it’s just been light tickling here and there. I’m not ticklish, so the tickling effect of the feather doesn’t work on me at all. It does feel nice to have it rubbed against my skin, though.

When using this, you do need to make sure to not get the feathers wet with lubricants, lotions, oils, or other body products. These will stick to the feathers and may make them sticky or wreck their appearance. These cannot be washed, as that will wreck their appearance as well. Dry body powders can be easily shaken out of the feathers when you are done.

Storing the Pleasure Feather can be a little complicated. You want to ensure you are putting it somewhere dark, dry, and cool to preserve the feathers as best as you can. Sunlight will fade the coloring of the feathers and humidity and hot air may get them damp enough for the color to run or for them to become misshapen. You’ll also want to store this away from dust. It could be kept in a storage box, nightstand, or dresser drawer. I would make sure to put it in a large Ziploc baggie to keep other stuff from spilling on it and to keep dust out. I personally hang mine in my closet on a small Command hook. If you have cats, you will want to make sure to keep this out of their reach. Mine go absolutely nuts when they see this and start batting at it. The feathers on their toys get pretty ratty pretty quick, so I imagine this would look ratty and spotty within one day of them playing with it.

I give the Pleasure Feather 5 stars. It’s pretty fun to play with. The quality of the feathers and the appearance are excellent. It honestly looks like it should cost more than $6.99, making it a great value. 

product picture
Tickler by Sportsheets
Material: Feather



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