03 January, 2012

Soft and Feminine

Lately, I have been eying quite a few pieces of lingerie from the company Seven ‘Til Midnight on EdenFantasys. Unfortunately, EF does not have their size chart up and this lingerie is all pretty new, so I wasn’t quite sure on how everything would fit. I decided to hold off on some tighter fitting pieces for now, instead trying a much looser satin chemise.

I ordered the Red Flawless Chemise. My fiancé loves it when I wear super soft clothing, so I thought he’d enjoy the feel of the silky smooth satin of this chemise. I decided to go with size small because of how small my chest is.

This chemise arrives wrapped in a simple cellophane bag. It does not include a hanger. There’s a tag attached to the chemise, but it does not have any information on it. The front displays a model wearing the gown, and the back states the size as well as the fact that this is made in China. The style number, 9284, and Seven ‘Til Midnight’s web site are also shown.

Sewn into the back of the chemise is a pretty long ribbon tag. It measures about 3 inches long. This tag also states the style number, size, and that this is made in China. It also lists fabric content, which is 97% polyester and 3% spandex, and washing instructions. This gown should be hand-washed in cold water and line dried. It should not be bleached or thrown in the washer or dryer. Even though the tag is long, it’s not itchy at all. It’s made of a pretty soft ribbon that I couldn’t even feel when I was wearing this. I am usually extremely annoyed by tags and cut them off pretty quickly.

This chemise is pretty simple. It features adjustable, stretchy, thin shoulder straps, like bra straps, which allow you to adjust this to fit you properly. The material is a shiny, soft satin. The top of the triangular cups is lined with an inch thick strip of red lace, which is also pretty soft. Underneath the cups is an elastic band, which will help somewhat to hold breasts up. Because of the elastic band, the fabric around it will wrinkle a little from being scrunched together. Between the cups is a small red ribbon bow. Mine is cheap looking and sewn on crookedly. It’s also not perfectly centered. However, it has not begun to unravel yet.

The bottom of the chemise is just a simple skirt. The flowy design should cover up any “bad” areas of the body, but the fabric does not work with that. It’s too shiny, which makes shadows, and kind of clingy, so it ends up emphasizing those areas. On me, it makes my small pooch of extra sagging skin on my belly look much larger. The bottom hem is just a plain hem, there’s no lace trim.

The back of the gown simply has one elastic piece across the top. The rest of it is plain. The elastic begins 3 inches above the piece that goes across the front under the bust.

I compared my gown to the images displayed on EdenFantasys, and noticed my chemise is somewhat different. If you look at the pictures of the back of the one on the model, there’s an elastic band along the top of the back, and another one lower, which circles around from the front. Mine has just one elastic band, which is the higher one. There is no lower elastic band. Other than that, the back and front of the gown match the images. The pictures capture the color excellently.


Length from top of cup to bottom hemline: 25 ½ inches
Length from top of back to bottom hemline: 20 inches
Width of cup: 8 inches
Height of cup: 8 inches
Length of skirt: 18 inches
Width of bottom hemline: 50 inches around
Under bust measurement (Unstretched): 26 inches around
Under bust measurement (Stretched): 36 inches around

Seven ‘Til Midnight’s web site doesn’t have a size chart available, either. I looked up their size chart on Google and found this:

According to the chart, the size small should fit sizes 2-6, with an A-B cup, a bust of 32-34 inches, a waist of 24-25 inches, and hips measuring 34-36 inches.

Other than my bust and cup size, I’m actually a little bit bigger than the size chart. My measurements are:

Cup: A
Under Bust: 32 inches
Over Bust: 33 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Hips: 36 1/2 inches
My clothing size ranges from 5-6 to 8, depending on the cut. I wear a small in most misses tops and medium or large in junior’s tops.

Since this chemise has an empire waist, the only measurement that really matters when deciding on size is the chest measurements. The bottom is flowy enough to allow for a few extra inches in hips or waist.

I found the cup size to be somewhat accurate. I’ve worn this two ways, without a bra and with a heavily padded bra. This allows me to describe the fit from both the A cup and B cup point of view. Without a bra, the cups of the chemise covered me pretty well. The elastic didn’t do a great job of staying down, but it was okay. It moved up over my breasts a little. With the bra on, it was another story entirely for cup fit. There was not nearly enough room for the padding in my bra. The bottom elastic rose up over the bottom 2 inches of my bra, and the top edges of the cups cut down very low. If I had actual B cup breasts that were pretty firm and perky, my nipples definitely would have been visible above the lace. The cups are definitely too low cut to offer coverage for anything other than an A cup. If the cups weren’t low cut and stayed in place, this would be pretty flattering to breasts. I think having kind of a belt to tie around the back to keep this tight would be more effective than elastic.

I also had problems with the bottom of the gown. The shiny satin fabric sat on some areas of my body and created shadows or darker pockets of satin that exaggerated what I didn’t want showing at all, like small pooches of extra skin and fat on my stomach. Shapewear would fix this, but really, who wants to wear shapeware underneath a sexy camisole? The bottom fell to the tops of my thighs, approximately 8 inches down from my hip bones.

One major issue I had with this appeared when it came time to remove this chemise. I was actually unable to pull it back up over my head. The elastic just doesn’t stretch enough for me to get it to go up and over my shoulders. My shoulders aren’t particularly large, they are an average size. My fiancé was able to take this off me when I put my arms straight up in the air. It slid off pretty easily then. It was odd that I couldn’t get this off, since it slid down over my shoulders very easily. I don’t recommend wearing this unless you have slim shoulders or someone available to help remove it.

As far as body type and fit, I recommend this to those whose smallest areas of their body is their waist or under their bust. This will really accentuate how small those areas are and will just flow downward from there. A less shiny fabric would be extremely flattering in this cut. Unlike some empire waist shirts and dresses I have tried on before, this doesn’t make me look like I am pregnant. Some empire waists just create this extra poof in the front that gives the wearer a pregnant belly look. The flow of the satin probably has something to do with that.

While I’ve included pictures of the gown laid out on my bed, I don’t feel comfortable enough to include pictures of myself wearing this.

I use this chemise as both something to sleep in and sexy lingerie. The fabric is so silky soft feeling and it drives my fiancé wild. He can just sit and rub my shirt for hours when I wear a silky shirt, almost like he’s petting a cat.

When I wear this, I pair it with a red lacy boyshort or bikini bottom. 

To wash this, you are supposed to hand wash it in cold water and hang it up to dry. As someone with a small apartment, the hang drying can be nearly impossible. The material isn’t poorly constructed and the stitching is pretty tight and well done, so I feel it would be fine to throw this in the washer and dryer. I recommend a cold wash in a net lingerie bag on a delicate setting, with drying cycle on low heat for delicates. It should be washed with other reds and darker pinks, or the colors will probably run. I had a set of satin sheets before that were the same color, and those washed and dried fine, but the colors did bleed easily regardless of how many times I washed them.

This does wrinkle very easily, so you do need to keep it hung up to keep it wrinkle free. I don’t have an iron, but I don’t see a problem with dry ironing this if you keep a thick towel between the iron and chemise. Mine got wrinkly after just a few hours of sitting unfolded on my bed.

I give the Red Flawless Chemise 4 out of 5 stars. The build quality, except for the little front bow, is pretty good. The fit is okay, as long as your breasts are on the smaller end of the size chart. This piece is comfortable to wear during sex or foreplay, as well as something to sleep in. 

product picture
Chemise by Seven 'till Midnight
Material: Polyester / Spandex



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