10 January, 2012

Awesome Body Scrub

I’ve been loving the new bath and beauty products added to EdenFantasys lately. When I saw the Venus Body Scrub, made from Dead Sea salts, I knew I had to try it. I decided to order the milk scent, since I love anything that is milk, honey, and oatmeal scented.

When the bottle arrived, I was pretty surprised at its size. I understand its 8 ounces, but I guess for some reason I thought it would be a bigger bottle. As it is, the 8 ounce bottle measures 5 ½ inches tall, including the lid. It is big enough to easily grip in one hand to pour some in the other hand or into a bath poof. It curves gently inwards from the edges of the bottle towards the center. The black cap twists off to reveal a safety seal. The opening is just a plain opening, making this easy to pour out.

The bottle is very nice looking. It has a naked woman’s body on the front, which is covered mostly by a photoshopped copy of her body, done all in a milky white. The front also displays the Venus brand name as well as that this is an aromatic body scrub and a natural Dead Sea product. The back says this body scrub will buff your so it’s nice and soft. This product is not tested on animals.


Dead sea salt, pumice, aqua, tea lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, carbomer, oleth 20, glycetreth 26, fragrance, benzophenone 4, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, imidiazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, disodium edta, may contain: fd&c yellow 5, fd&c yellow 6, fd&c red 33, fd&c blue 1.

This scrub does contain parabens, which some users may be sensitive to. Parabens are used as a preservative. I did not see any issue with any other ingredients.

The consistency of this is like a somewhat runny gel. If I tip the bottle on its side, the scrub inside immediately starts to pour out. Once it’s in your hand, it feels about the same as hand soap. A bit runny, yet still thick enough to not drip everywhere. It does have a slightly gritty feel to it because of the salt. You will feel a lot more soap than salt, though. Rubbing it into skin, it will feel gritty. As the soap starts to suds up, it will be less noticeable. This scrub rinses away completely, leaving no soap or salt residue on skin.

I chose the milk scent, which has a very pleasant milk and honey kind of scent. I have some other milk, honey, and oatmeal soap that this smells a lot like. The scent is not too heavy. I can smell it when I am washing with it, but once I’m done rinsing it off, I don’t smell it on me anymore. The scent hangs around for a short while if I use this in the shower. My fiancĂ© also loves the scent of this.

In the bottle, this is about 75% opaque. It’s still a bit see-through, but not much. Holding the bottle up, I can see little flecks of black and white, which are the scrubbing salts. Once I put some in my hands, it looks clear.

This is by far one of the best body scrubs I have used. I get super dry hands from the winter weather and from my place of employment, which is always dry. I’ve been keeping this bottle mostly next to my bathroom sink to wash my hands with. I can come home from work with the driest, crustiest looking hands ever, scrub them for a few minutes with this scrub, and come out with my hands looking almost brand-new. It gently removes all of the dead skin without irritating skin and leaving behind salt or soap residue. My skin feels so soft and fresh once I’m done washing. Just one use is really enough to make a good difference, though if you want to keep skin looking fresh, you will need to continue using the scrub. For even softer skin, this pairs up well with the Venus Aromatic Bath Salts, which you pour in your bathwater to soak in.

There are a few cautions with this scrub. I don’t recommend using it on skin that is broken open or has any cuts on it. This could irritate the healing skin and cause more damage. I also do not recommend using this on sensitive skin, like facial skin. The salt crystals and pumice could be too harsh and could really irritate it. If you’re looking for a facial scrub, you’re better off looking for something with round scrubbing beads, as these are not irritating to the face.

You should make sure to scrub gently, in a circular motion. Scrubbing too hard will irritate skin and make it red. I suggest for areas like the feet, knees, and elbows, which can have a lot of dead skin on them, to soak in the tub for a while before scrubbing. This will loosen the dead skin and allow the scrub to remove it easily.

This bottle is an excellent one for gift giving. It looks nice and does not say anywhere on it that it comes from a sex toy store. Once the bottle is empty, it will be super easy to rinse it out and recycle it, too.

As far as storing it, I just keep mine in my bathroom. It should be fine if it tips on its side. The lid seems to seal on very tightly.

I give the Venus Aromatic Body Scrub 5/5 stars. The scent is great and the salt and pumice really work great at scrubbing away dead skin gently. If you don’t like the idea of milk and honey scented scrub, there is a ton of other scents, including pomegranate, green tea, lavender, peach, and cucumber melon. I’m looking forward to trying the green tea scent as well. I like that this isn’t tested on animals, too.



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