19 January, 2012

I Could Soak In This For Hours!

After trying out the Venus Body Scrub and loving it, I decided I also wanted to try the bath salts. I’m typically a bubble bath girl, but I do like to try pretty much any kind of bath product at least once. I don’t think I’ve actually used bath salts since I was a kid.

I ordered the Venus Bath Salts in the Milk scent, which is the same scent I tried and loved in the scrub. The salts are packaged in a decently sized plastic jar with a wide-mouthed screw on lid. The jar itself is clear plastic, while the lid is solid black. The jar is 4 inches tall and 3 ½ inches in diameter. It contains 16 ounces (or 1 pound) of bath salts. I think the jar is pretty nice looking. It’s got Venus written on the front with the scent of the salts underneath. The label is mostly a creamy ivory color with clear cutouts of waves all around it. The back of the jar instructs you to drop a few teaspoons worth of salt into your bath to invigorate and moisturize your skin. This product is not tested on animals. The packaging makes this an excellent gift idea, especially if it’s put together with the Venus Body Scrub and VenusBody Butter. The packaging in no way insinuates that the salts were purchased from a sex toy store.


Dead sea salt (magnesium chloride 32%, potassium chloride 22%, sodium chloride 7%, calcium chloride .45%, sodium bromide .2%), fragrance
May contain: fd&c yellow 3, fd&c blue 1, fd&c red 33.

Underneath the jar is one of those paper safety seals. It was a little difficult for me to remove, since there are no tabs around it for removal and both of my thumb nails had recently broken. In appearance, the salts look almost like road salt or rock candy. The granules are pretty big. They are also a creamy ivory color. My jar had a couple of pieces that were dark brown or black. I didn’t know what exactly happened to those, so I just threw them out.

Once the seal is removed, the pleasant fragrance of the salts hits you. The scent is not very strong straight from the jar unless you have it within a foot of your nose. I can barely smell the salts if they are more than three feet away. The scent is nice and sweet, like milk and honey. I absolutely love it. It matches the scent of the body scrub perfectly. Once it’s in bathwater, the scent will give the water a small amount of fragrance. Skin will have a very faint scent to it once you’re out of the bath. My fiancĂ© likes the scent. It’s not a feminine scent, more of a gender-neutral scent.

Unlike bubble bath, bath salts do not foam up at all. Instead, they soften and moisturize skin. These salts left my bathwater completely clear. I added about 3 teaspoons worth of salt to my bath while the hot water was running, right underneath the faucet. Once the tub filled up, all of the salt granules had dissolved into the water, leaving the water feeling silky soft and sweetly scented.

These salts are excellent for soaking the entire body in. They leave skin nice and soft. I like to use them when soaking my feet. Soaking them in bath salt water helps soften up the calluses and dead skin enough that I can remove them easily with a pumice stone. Once you’re done soaking and you’ve gotten out, skin will be left soft but will not have a salty residue on it. The salts also rinse out of the tub completely and do not leave it looking dirty or feeling slippery.

Compared to soaking in vitamin-enriched bubble bath and soaking in an oatmeal bath, this stuff does pretty well. Oatmeal baths make skin feel a little bit softer and last longer, but they leave the tub feeling slimy and slippery unless you wash it out with some shower cleaner. Bubble bath also tends to leave rings of soap scum around my tub. I definitely preferred soaking with the salts, since I could just give the tub a quick rinse and be done with it.

The only thing I don’t like about these salts is the lack of a scoop in the jar. Some other salts available on EdenFantasys come with a cute little shell scoop. Scooping out salts with wet hands causes the salt to clump together in the jar, so you have to fully dry your hands if you decide mid-bath that you want more salt. Dried clumps can be broken up with a fork or a skewer.

The price on these salts is a bit high at $17.99 a jar, but you do get a good amount of baths out of them. I’ve used my jar twice already and have not gotten very far into the jar. The level of salt is just past the mouth of the jar.

As I said before, this would make an excellent gift, especially with the other two Venus body products. There’s a pretty good range in fragrances, including pomegranate, peach, lavender, green tea, and cucumber melon.

I definitely like that this stuff is not tested on animals. Animal testing is a disgusting practice. I much prefer when willing people test products meant for human use and I will pay more to use those products.

Overall, I give the Venus Bath Salts 5 out of 5 stars. They smell great without being overpowering or very faint in scent. They softened my skin pretty well and helped get my feet softened enough to remove a lot of dead skin. I also liked that they left my tub clean, so I didn’t need to rinse it out that much.



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