21 November, 2011

Raspberry Tastes Like Raspberries!

I’m not really that big on flavored lubes, but when a buy one, get one free deal came up on EdenFantasys for System JO H2Oflavored lubes, I decided to give them a try. I chose the chocolate and raspberry flavors.

System JO’s H2O flavored lubes come in a clear plastic 5.25 ounce bottle. This bottle is massive for a lube bottle, measuring 5 1/2 inches tall by 6 inches around. This is definitely one of the bigger lubes I have in my collection. The top has an easy to press button that flips the cap open. The bottle’s design is simple and informative. I like it, because it lets you know a lot about the product in just words, without tons of useless images cluttering the bottle. The front of the bottle lists some key information about the lube: It has a great taste with no aftertaste, it’s not made with artificial ingredients, and the lube never feels sticky. On the back, there’s a pretty short list of ingredients.


Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Glycerin, Purified Water (Aqua), Raspberry (or Chocolate) flavor.

As you can see, this product contains a lot of ingredients that many people are sensitive to, including parabens, glycerin, and sugar. Make sure to perform a small spot test on skin before using, just in case. I recommend avoiding the vaginal opening with this product, as it may cause infections and irritation.

This is a water based lube, making it safe to use with any toy and latex condoms. Its flavor makes it great for oral pleasures on any area of the body. The consistency is runny. Just turning the bottle over, lube starts to drip out. It rubs into skin very easily, and does not feel sticky as the bottle promises. It feels nice and silky smooth, even after it has begun to dry out. Skin feels a little heavy where lube is applied, but it’s not too bad. I did notice that spit does not work to reactivate this lube, which it usually does with water based lubes. We used this mainly for the flavor, but we did have to reapply occasionally, since this fully absorbs into skin within just a few minutes. Since this has a silky, not sticky, feel, it can even be used for a flavored massage.

I ordered two bottles, the chocolate and the raspberry flavors. The raspberry flavor tastes great. It’s sweet and sour at the same time. It tastes more like raspberry flavored candy than the real thing. There’s no nasty aftertaste to this. The flavor is pretty strong, which I think is awesome. The scent reminds me of berry flavored candy. It’s not too strong. I can’t really smell it from more than two feet away. The chocolate lube doesn’t taste like chocolate to me. It has a sweet and somewhat bitter taste to it, so it’s probably closer to chocolate flavored coffee or something. As with the raspberry lube, the flavor is pretty strong and the scent isn’t too strong.

H2O flavored lube is pretty easy to clean up. Simply wash skin with soap and warm water. It comes off without leaving any sticky or slick feeling on skin. I did notice the scent hung around for a while, but the flavor washes off easily. If you get this on any bedding or other fabrics, it should come out easily either in the washer or with a spot cleaner. Since this lube is clear, there aren’t any worries of stains.

I don’t think this lube is a good choice for travel. It’s got a button on the front that opens the top, so as soon as something it’s packed with hits it, the bottle will open and lube will go everywhere. It may help to tape the lid down. It isn’t discreet, either. The informative design of the bottle lets you know exactly what this is at just a glance.

When choosing between the two flavors, I find I prefer the raspberry. It tastes like yummy sugary candy. My fiancĂ© prefers the chocolate. He says he also likes to combine the two flavors together. I like how smooth and silky this feels, especially since it is water based. Most water based lubes end up being sticky and nasty. I’d never consider using any other water based lube for a massage. The price is excellent, especially considering the amount of lube that’s in the bottle. Other lubes I have tried around this price point end up tasting or feeling cheap. This stuff definitely proves itself as superior. The only downside I can see, at least with the two flavors I tried, is that the chocolate isn’t all too chocolate-y tasting.

I give System JO’s H2O flavored lubricant 5 stars.



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