09 August, 2013

Review: Tickle His Pickle

For one reason or another, at some point in the last year I purchased Tickle His Pickle: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing by Dr. Sadie Allison. I have a small collection of sex guides already, but leafing through this one, it looked quite a bit different than guides I’d read before.

Tickle His Pickle is a paperback published by Tickle Kitty, which was founded by the author, Dr. Sadie Allison. Through her website you can purchase more of her books, lubricants, and some pleasure kits designed by her. The book contains 147 pages. It’s about 7 x 5 inches in size, so it’s a bit smaller than most sex guides and traditional paperback books. Each page is printed on matte paper. The pages are all black and white, even the illustrations.
 I’ve found that some sex guide authors tend to be biased or very exclusive, which is a terrible thing to do when you’re trying to educate your readers. The last thing anyone needs is really to be told they’re weird for enjoying this or not enjoying that while reading some nutjob’s list of the top 10 blowjob techniques or something.

Thankfully Tickle HisPickle is not one of those guides. It combines great information with humor. Every page is covered in illustrations following along with the author’s writing. Some illustrations are humorous, such as one displaying a woman opening a gift box to find a penis inside, while others help to explain the various topics of the book. The content of the book is broken down into quick, easy-to-read paragraphs or bullets. Paired with an easy-to-read font, this book is very easy on the eyes. Here and there throughout the book are extra little tips from the author in little bubbles. One such tip states that the number one technique for oral sex on a man is simply to be enthusiastic about it.

The content of Tickle His Pickle centers mainly on pleasing penises. The illustrations and some of the writing make the target of the book females in a heterosexual relationship, however I think anyone looking to learn a few new things about handjobs or blowjobs can find some good information within the covers.

I like that Tickle His Pickle doesn’t just talk about handjobs, blowjobs, and sex. It has information regarding all the other little things that make up some part of sex and foreplay. The author discusses male anatomy, lubricants, techniques to shave or trim male pubic hair, anal play, prostate massage, and watching porn together. I really liked the section regarding porn. It tackles some of the common thoughts couples have regarding porn. Some couples find it weird and far from a turn-on to watch porn in front of another person, but the author suggests really just letting go and enjoying it with your partner.

Towards the end of the book, the author discusses anal toys and strap-on harnesses. While both are very short in comparison to other sections, they offer enough for interested readers to seek out more information regarding each topic.

Also at the end of the book are two sections discussing what to do when he goes soft and safe sex. I like that the former section details how to handle a soft penis without making him feel badly about himself. It offers small techniques to try to get him hard again without doing too much at once. The safe sex section covers mainly the use of condoms. It describes how to put them on properly and when to use them. Brief mentions are made of how to keep sex toys clean, and how to use dental dams for anal play.

I highly recommend this book for those interested in picking up a couple of new blowjob techniques or those who are new to sex. The amount of information provided between the covers is great, but not overwhelming. Techniques discussed are easy to remember. There isn’t anything super complicated involving tons of props or steps. I like that the author approaches tons of common thoughts and questions regarding the penis in a friendly, open tone. At no point did I feel the author’s writing was pushing me to do anything I don’t want to. She makes the acts of oral sex and handjobs seem more like acts to please both partners rather than just the male.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the book, Good Vibrations has the book available.

I give Tickle His Pickle 5 out of 5 stars.

Review: System JO 6v Volt

I’ve tried maybe a dozen or so warming or cooling lubes before, only one or two of which actually worked for both my husband and me and didn’t cause me any burning or painful sensations. A while back I bought and tried a tingling lip balm that I really liked, so I decided I’d try and find something similar in a lubricant form. System JO’s Volt capsules seemed to be about as close as I’d get. I ordered the 6v version of Volt to start with since it is for sensitive women. I figured if I liked it and felt I could handle 12v, I’d order that later.
Volt comes packaged in a small green and black box. The outside sleeve slips off to reveal an easy to open storage box. Inside of this box, all of the capsules of Volt are pressed into a small paperboard tray with the opening end sticking out for ease of grabbing and using. My pack contained 12 capsules and cost me about $15.
The gel capsules themselves really look no different than some vitamins and over-the-counter medications like Nyquil or Dayquil pills. The product I actually received only vaguely resembles the product System JO has pictured, which are opaque green capsules with a large glob on one end. They are green and see-through with a clear liquid inside. One end has a small pinched in area where you can either cut the capsule or break through it with your nails. I can’t tell if it is because mine have been sitting in the box for a long time or if this is how they are shaped, but the other end also kind of dips in. I’d like to note that mine were a bit difficult to remove from the box and ripped off a little bit of the tray when I pulled them out, but the stuck on paper makes absolutely no difference in the use of Volt.
Volt is packed as single-use capsules for both convenience and cleanliness. Since you use the entire capsule upon opening it and dispose of the gel capsule in the trash when done, each use of Volt is sanitary. It can also be easier to travel with Volt since it’s not a loose liquid. There is no worry of this stuff leaking or spilling during travel. I’m not sure if these would be ideal for air travel. On one hand, they’re not a liquid, which airport security may have regulated. On the other, they are an unmarked gel capsule full of liquid. I suppose if thrown in with other vitamins or pills they may pass for either.
In addition to the gel capsules I purchased, Volt also comes in a small bottle for about the same price. Unlike the capsules, with the bottle you can use as much or as little as you’d like. We found we only used about half of a capsule at first then went ahead and used the rest just not to waste it. At the same time, though, the bottle won’t be as sanitary for each use.
Each capsule is filled with an oil-based blend of extracts. It is clear and has a slight, though not unpleasant, odor to it. It has no taste but licking it will make your tongue tingle a lot.
Olive Fruit Oil, Oleyl alcohol, Prickly Ash Fruit Extract, Neem Leaf and Flower Extract, Coccina Indica Leaf Extract, Eggplant Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbodensis Flower Extract, Henna Extract, Holy Basil Leaf Extract, Basil Extract, Turmeric Extract, Coral Weed Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil.
Since this stuff is oil-based, you’ll want to be extra careful if using it with latex condoms. Oils tend to break down latex, making condoms less effective as a barrier. We used the capsules along with condoms and had no issues, but that might not happen every time. Aside from being oil-based I see no issues with the ingredient list. A lot of this stuff is either herbs we use for seasoning food or common ingredients in health and beauty products. The tingling sensation is created by natural herbs rather than chemicals. System JO states this product is paraben-free and contains no L-Arginine.
Volt provides a different sensation than warming or cooling lubes. It has this electric tingle to it that is pretty unique. It doesn’t burn or hurt but it does heighten sensation quite a bit.
Since I used the sensitive version of Volt, the tingling effects are much milder than 9v or 12v, which are regular and extra strength. I strongly suggest starting with 6v if you feel you are sensitive to warming, cooling, or tingling products. I am not very sensitive when it comes to these kinds of products; I actually rarely can feel anything with them. I found 6v Volt’s sensations pleasing but I think I’d like 9v or 12v more.
We tried this stuff all over our bodies. The directions state simply to apply to intimate areas. My husband and I found it doesn’t work so well on nipples or the penis, but it works well when applied to the clit or inside the vagina. He says he couldn’t really feel anything other than a very tiny tingle. This product is best suited for use on and around the vaginal opening.
Since the capsules are small I don’t think Volt would make a good choice for lubricant. It’s best to apply it along with lubricant, though that may dull the sensations a little.
We had no problems getting this applied. It’s about as thin as massage oil and is easy to rub in wherever you’d like. It absorbs into skin pretty quickly. The packaging states that a tingling sensation should be felt 3-5 minutes after application and should last 45 minutes. I felt sensations after just a couple of minutes but noticed it faded after about 20 minutes. Since we were done and cleaning up at that point it didn’t really matter to me that it didn’t last 45 minutes.
Once you start cleaning Volt off your skin the tingling sensation will begin to fade. For most of the external body, any sort of cleanser or body wash should remove it just fine. I suggest using a gentle feminine cleanser to remove it around the vaginal opening. I personally would not attempt to clean it out internally with a douche unless it is causing pain and discomfort.
The box Volt comes in is fine for storage. It keeps the capsules from getting crushed and has them standing up so that they are easy to grab. Once all the capsules have been used, the packaging can be recycled.
I found System JO’s 6v Volt to be one of the most enjoyable stimulating products I’ve tried. I have tried a few tingling products that caused a horrible burning sensation, but my entire experience with Volt was pleasant. I think I will try the stronger versions of Volt just because I didn’t get as much stimulation as I would have liked, but the sensitive version is definitely a pleasant introduction to the product and a good starting point for those who have never tried this kind of product before. I like that this uses all natural ingredients to create the sensations rather than chemicals. I would have liked, though, if it was water-based rather than oil-based just for condom safety.
I give 6v Volt 4 out of 5 stars.
Interested in ordering Volt? You can find it on Amazon.com and EdenFantasys. If you'd prefer a bottle of Volt over the capsules, it can be found on Pink Cherry.

30 June, 2013

Review: Vintage Rose Babydoll & G-string Set by Coquette

It’s been a very long time since I’ve bought any type of lingerie. I don’t wear it all too often and usually I end up being pretty disappointed by it. Just last week I was browsing the new products on EdenFantasys, however, and I came across a pale pink vintage floral babydoll and G-string set. I loved the pale pink babydoll with its lacey top and cute bow tied underneath the bust. I went ahead and ordered the set even though I already kind of knew I was in for a disappointment since lingerie is really not the type of clothing that works well for everyone unless it’s custom-made for each body. The set is available in sizes small up to 1X/2X. I chose size small, based pretty much off of my bust size.
The babydoll set arrived wrapped in a clear plastic bag with Coquette printed all over it. The babydoll did not arrive on a hanger, which is typical for lower priced lingerie from Coquette. Attached to the babydoll was a small plastic bag containing the removable and adjustable straps. Also attached to the babydoll were a few cardboard hang tags. According to them, the set is made in China. It’s made out of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The set should be hand washed and hung up to dry. It should not be bleached or thrown into the dryer.
Before I really go into detail regarding the shape and design of the babydoll, I’d like to comment on its color. In Coquette’s product photos, the set appears to be a pale pink with raspberry detailing. In reality, the color, which Coquette calls dusty rose, is much darker. It’s more mauve than pale pink and the detailing is a deep, warm purple. Aside from the color, the product looks exactly as it is pictured on the model.
This babydoll is designed to have an empire-style waist. It’s tight at the top and loose at the bottom. The bra portion of it doesn’t have any underwire but it’s tight enough to offer support. Unlike a regular bra, though, it does a lot of pushing in rather than holding breasts up. Since the bust area covers where a bra would normally sit, a strapless bra can be worn underneath if you need more support. Around the top band of the babydoll, there is a ruffled lace trim with darker purple lace in the middle. The entire top portion of the babydoll, front and back, is a medium purple with paler purple lace overtop. The cups are lightly lined, just enough to cover nipples but not enough to enhance your bust. Inside, there are loops to attach the deep purple adjustable straps and some ribbon loops to hang the babydoll on a hanger.
In the back, the babydoll has no hooks or any type of closure. This is supposed to just slip over your head and fit tightly on its own. Since the material is stretchy it is easy to put on and take off.
The bottom of the babydoll starts with a deep purple band of stretchy lace. Attached to one side of the front is a small lace bow. This is safety pinned on so you can take it off or move it if you’d like. Below this band are two layers of mauve mesh. The mesh is very soft and stretchy. It’s also tiered. The bottom of each layer is stitched with deep purple thread. There isn’t an additional layer of solid fabric under these two tiers, so the bottom portion is a bit see-through, unlike the completely opaque top.
Lengthwise, the babydoll falls a few inches past my hips. Where it falls on you depends mainly on the length of your torso and the size you choose. The size small babydoll is about 22 inches long from top to bottom.
As I mentioned before, the babydoll has an empire waist. This means it’s at its tightest right below the bust. A common complaint about empire waist clothing is how it gives women a larger looking midsection or a “pregnant” look. I have always avoided empire waist clothing just because it makes me look like I am pregnant. This babydoll is no different; when I put it on it makes my midsection look larger. At the same time, the flowy fabric masks muffin tops and belly bulge. It’s flattering to your midsection in that sense, though it will make your body look slightly larger.
Image courtesy of Coquette
While I appreciate that the babydoll hides my stomach, I’m not a fan of how it flattens my breasts and makes my torso look larger than it is at the same time. I think the design would only look really flattering if your waist/midsection are a lot slimmer than your bust and hips, like an hourglass figure.
The babydoll does come with a matching G-string. It’s made out of mauve trim with pale mauve lace. It’s stretchy and easy to put on. It does not have a cotton liner in it. I’m not a thong wearer, but this one may get worn at some point since it’s much cuter than the usual black thong or G-string that accompanies lingerie.
I ordered size small based solely on my bust size since the waist and hips of this are loose. Coquette states that this set will fit a 34-36 inch bust. I wear a 34B bra, which is 34 inches under my bust and 36 inches over. The bust fit well. It was tight enough to hold the babydoll up but not so tight it hurt. It was a bit difficult to take off since my shoulders are huge. I highly recommend sticking to the size chart on this in regards to the bust. If you measure a couple of inches up or down from what the chart says for waist or hips, you’ll be fine.
I strongly recommend hand washing this set, especially since it has a lot of lace on it. Lace gets caught on a lot of little things, especially things like bra hooks, so throwing it in the washing machine will probably put some holes in it. I would hang it up indoors to dry and then transfer it to a hanger in the closet to keep it wrinkle free. Fabric softener will help keep it wrinkle free, too.
I think this babydoll would look cute with anything feminine or vintage. Old-fashioned hairpieces, stockings, and matching high heels would look great. I think the color would look great with any skin tone and hair color.
My overall rating of the babydoll and G-string set is 4 out of 5 stars. It’s adorable even though it doesn’t match the photos. I get the feeling this set would be cute in a variety of colors. It’s also comfortable to wear and made of good quality materials. My only concern with it is really the fact that it flattens my breasts quite a bit.
If you're interested in purchasing it, EdenFantasys has the babydoll and g-string set in stock for $41.99. Unfortunately since I seem to have purchased my set late in the season (this is a spring set and I ordered it at the end of June), no other online retailers have it in stock. Your local sex toy shop may have it.

15 June, 2013

Return from the Mysterious Beyond


I'd like to apologize to my readers for kind of taking off for a few months without any sort of notice. This spring was an extremely busy one for me. In the fall we closed on our first home together. At the same time, we had to wait to transfer our jobs until after Christmas, so our job transfers didn't actually go through until some time in March. It was kind of an immediate thing, too. We had maybe two weeks of notice before we had to begin our new positions. Unfortunately since we hadn't expected such short notice, we had a lot of packing to get caught up on. At the end of March we finally moved into our house and started to get outselves comfortable.

At the same time, I was planning our wedding set for April. Pretty much everything was on me to get done since I wanted to go the route of a DIY decorated wedding rather than extravagent store-bought. To throw even more into the mix, I'm in college full-time and had some pretty tough courses for the spring quarter. Writing four 10+ page term papers within a short period of time really makes me want to back into a corner and sob softly rather than get back online and write.

With those two major events over, I'm now back to doing mainly the same puttering around I was doing in the fall and winter. I've got some small goals right now, mainly involving my garden and getting some house work like painting done. Aside from that, I'm hoping to get back into blogging again. I have a few things lined up for review coming shortly and I am looking into expanding my posts a bit more.

Stay tuned!

Review: The Skynny on Skyn

Recently I was approached by EdenFantasys to write a review on my blog. I was offered $50 worth of free products to review in exchange for honest reviews. At the time, I wanted to expand my strap on dildo collection, so I decided to pick out a new dildo. Since my dildos are used exclusively for anal play, I always choose silicone. Since we’re still kind of new to anal play, I went with the Sedeux Skyn by Sportsheets.

The dildo arrived in a discreet brown shipping box with a return address of Web Merchants Inc. Inside the box, the dildo was packaged in a clear plastic box with a paper insert. Not much information was given on the packaging in regards to material and care. Since it was so bulky, I recycled it right away and chose to store the dildo in a plastic bag instead.

Skyn is made out of 100% silicone, which is a non-porous and hypoallergenic material. It’s very easy to clean and can be shared with partners (after cleaning, of course!). The material is smooth, though it does have some drag to it. It doesn’t have any texture to it at all, not even veins to make it feel more real.

I would consider Skyn to be a somewhat realistic dildo. The shape is very close to that of a real penis. It has a slight curve to the shaft and a bulbous head. At the same time, though, it has no realistic features like veins and it is a lovely shade of dark purple. The base of Skyn is simply a flat base designed to hold it in the O-ring on a harness. It does not have a suction cup base.

Skyn is a pretty good sized dildo. It measures about 6 ½ inches total in length and about 5 ¾ inches can be inserted. The shaft circumference is 4 ½ inches and the head circumference is 4 ¾ inches. The base is 3 inches diameter, which is large enough to hold Skyn in an O-ring on a harness. I would consider the size to be good for an intermediate user, especially for anal play. It’s about the average size of a penis. It’s not massive but it will require some smaller dildos to work up to this size.

Like I said before, I use all my dildos exclusively for anal play with my husband. Usually we use them with a strap-on harness since it’s easier to control the dildo’s movements with one. The dildo fit in a 1 ½ inch O-ring easily. A good feature of curved dildos like Skyn is that you can rotate the toy so that the curve aims in the direction you want it to so that you maximize stimulation. Since we were using the harness and dildo with me on top, I had the curve facing upwards to hit his prostate. He says the dildo hit his prostate perfectly. The curved shaft and head would also be perfect for G-spot stimulation.

Skyn is very easy to clean and care for. It can be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water then left out to air dry. I wouldn’t wipe it dry since just leaving it sitting on my nightstand for a few minutes attracted a ton of cat hair to it. If it does get some lint on it, a quick rinse in water will remove it. If you’re interested in fully sterilizing Skyn, it can be boiled in a pot of water or thrown in the dishwasher on the top rack.
Since this does attract lint very quickly, you’ll probably want to keep Skyn in something. The original packaging seals tightly to keep Skyn clean but is a bit bulky for storage. I personally keep mine in a Ziploc bag so it’s clean when I want to use it. I highly recommend storing Skyn in something if you keep all your toys in one big toy box, since some materials can meld together and ruin touching toys. This especially can happen with jelly toys or other cheaper materials.
As far as lubricants go, Skyn should only be used with water-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants can wreck a silicone toy’s finish. Using one with a silicone toy can also often void the manufacturer’s warranty on the toy.
My overall opinion of Skyn is pretty high. It’s a good dildo for an intermediate user. It’s not too big, it’s made out of a good non-porous material, and it will flex a bit to ease insertion. I like that it is semi-realistic. You get a shape like a real penis without realistic color or vein textures on it. Most of all, I love the dark purple color, which is kind of marbled.
I give Sedeux Skyn by Sportsheets 5 out of 5 stars.
product picture
Dildo by Sportsheets
Material: Silicone

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